Call for Papers

Upcoming Plant Physiology Focus Issues

Deadline for Submission Extended!

Focus Issue on Stomata (June 2017)

Editors: Keiko Torii, Timothy J. Brodribb, and Mike Blatt
Deadline for submission extended to February 6, 2017

This issue will cover all aspects of stomatal biology, from the evolution and development of stomata, through their molecular and cellular characteristics, to their modeling and function in the environment. Submissions of original research that addresses any of these topics will be welcome.

Focus Issue on Cellular Dynamics (January 2018)

Editors: Dan Szymanski, Diane Bassham, Teun Munnik, and Wataru Sakamoto
Submission Deadline: June 5, 2017

To be published in January 2018, this focus issue will provide a series of invited Update Reviews on hot topics in plant cell biology, with broad coverage of the major plant organelles and cytoskeletal systems and research articles on dynamic processes of plant cells. The issue will highlight new research that uncovers mechanistic details of the dynamic function of plant cells. Studies that include multivariate live cell imaging, computational modeling of cells, tissues, and organs, or technology development centered on imaging are particularly encouraged.

Focus Issue on Energy: Light and Oxygen Dynamics (February 2018)

Editors: Ronald Pierik, Julia Bailey-Serres, Alexander Ruban, and Astrid Wingler
Submission Deadline: August 1, 2017

This Focus Issue will consider topics ranging from cellular processes to developmental decisions, in the context of the organism and its interactions with a dynamic and challenging environment. Contributions might include mechanistic studies on light perception and signal transduction, energy sensing and metabolism, as well as low oxygen cues and responses. Submissions within this broad theme that advance mechanistic knowledge to improve crops are welcomed.