Dennis R. Hoagland Award

This monetary award, established by the Society in 1985 with funds provided by the Monsanto Agricultural Products Company, honors Dr. Dennis R. Hoagland, recipient of the first Hales award, for his outstanding contributions and leadership in plant mineral nutrition. The award, to be made not more frequently than triennially, is for outstanding plant research in support of agriculture.

2018 Winner: Jonathan Lynch

Jonathan Lynch (Pennsylvania State University) is being recognized with the Dennis Robert Hoagland Award for his outstanding work on crop adaptation to drought and nutrient deficiencies. His current work focuses on understanding root phenotypes that can be used to breed crops with better acquisition of water and nutrients. In collaboration with plant breeders, work from his lab has resulted in the generation of new genotypes of bean and soybean with substantially better yield in the low fertility soils of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Mary Lou Guerinot, Chair
Jonathan Lynch, Past Winner (2020-2021)
Katayoon (Katie) Dehesh (2017-2021)
Eduardo Blumwald (2017-2024)
Gloria K. Muday (2017-2024)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison