Currently the GAM program has been suspended.  We will update this page if the program resumes.

Do you love ASPB?  Do you have a friend or colleague you think would benefit from engaging with ASPB?  Ask him/her to join, and we’ll reward you each time a someone you referred joins?  A strong word-of-mouth marketing campaign is the surest way to promote the continued growth of ASPB.

Colleague referrals are the number one way that new members learn about ASPB.  As an active member, you not only know the value that your membership provides in advancing your career and strengthening your profession, but you are also in daily contact with a wealth of prospective members.  A growing ASPB means greater recognition for plant science, more resources and support for members, like you, and a louder voice in government advocacy.

  1. Recommend ASPB membership to plant science friends, to your students and your colleagues. You can use the template below, or create your own email.  Make sure to copy so we can record who referred the new member.

    Dear FirstName:

    I have been a member of ASPB for X years and have found it very valuable because _____________.  I think that you would also find membership valuable.

    It is easy to join online   If you have any trouble joining or have questions about membership, contact ASPB’s Membership Manager, Shoshana Kronfeld at

    Let me know if you want to hear more about ASPB membership.


  2. Once your colleague pays their membership, you will receive an entry in the monthly drawing for a $50 Amazon card for each new member you recruit.
  3. Are you a master recruiter? Recruit more new members and you will also receive a lapel pin you can wear to ASPB and other events that mark you as an ASPB recruiter.  Counts are for all members recruited starting November 1, 2018 until program end date April 30, 2019.
    1. Refer 3 new members  and get a Bronze Recruiter pin
    2. Refer 4-6 colleagues and receive a Silver Recruiter pin
    3. Refer 7-9 colleagues and receive a Gold Recruiter pin
    4. Refer 10 or more colleagues and receive a Platinum Recruiter pin

There are no limit to the number of pins you can receive – get all four!  After you recruit your first ten members, you can start working to receive your second Bronze, Silver, Gold and even a second Platinum Pin.