Testimonials for Pioneer Member Gerald Edwards

Sascha Offerman – Dr. Edwards influenced my career professionally and personally like no other scientist. Dr Edwards supported and inspired me. Even up to this day, when teaching young students I try to follow in Dr. Edwards “footsteps”. To me, his knowledge, work ethic as well as his modesty are unparalleled in science.

Richard Sharpe – Being Gerry’s last PhD student, I learned many things from his vast experience and expertise. I do not think I would have had the courage to interview to study under Gerry if I had fully understood the depth and contributions he made to plant science as well as the number and caliber of previous students that came before me. His mentorship and the number of people he touched from all over the world still surprises me to this day.

Berkley Walker – Thanks for all your mentorship Gerry! I remember sitting with you as a graduate student pouring over the energy requirements of the Calvin-Benson cycle while you munched on a snicker’s bar. Now I get to do the same with graduate students I mentor.