Testimonials for Pioneer Member Jeffrey Dangl

Murray Grant – Pioneer nowhere nearly describes Jeff’s contribution to plant microbe interactions, mentoring and inspiring the current and future generations of plant scientists.

Jean-Benoit Morel – I met Jeff in the mid-90s’ in the Max-Delbruck lab-Germany, and I then followed him to his lab at UNC. By letting me test hypotheses throughout my Ph.D. work, kindly advising me, he deeply contributed to building me as a scientist. His recommendation to always give and not retain is still my leitmotiv.

Gopal Subramaniam -I greatly benefited from being in Jeff’s lab for 3 years as a post-doc. As I soldier on in my career as a Research Scientist at Agriculture Canada, not a day goes by without invoking Jeff’s influence on my research program. So, I want to thank Jeff for his mentorship and intellect that guides my scientific principles. Jeff well deserves recognition as an ASPB pioneer.

Saijun Tang – Great mentor, wonderful person.