Testimonials for Pioneer Member Robert Last

Pengxiang Fan – I worked in Rob’s lab as a postdoc for many years. What I value most about Rob’s mentorship is that he cares most about the mentees’ career goals. His mentoring is always supportive, encouraging, and enlightening. Our very first conversation was about what I wanted to be after the postdoctoral training. In the following years, he created many opportunities to help me bridge the gap between a fresh Ph.D. and an independent scientist. Even after I started my own lab, his support continues, teaching me how to overcome career challenges. Rob is a lifetime mentor to me, and I give him my highest respect and deepest appreciation.

Jeongwoon Kim – Of course there’s no doubt that Dr. Rob Last is a pioneer in plant biology, with multidisciplinary studies on Arabidopsis and tomato metabolite biosynthesis. However, I would like to emphasize his contribution and commitment as an educator. As a former graduate student in his lab, I feel incredibly fortunate that I had Dr. Last as my PhD advisor. He not only helped me navigate dissertation research questions by providing scientific mentorship, but also also generously committed his time and knowledge to train students on scientific writing, communication, collaboration and new research areas beyond their dissertation topic, which is a rare opportunity for grad students! I didn’t realize the significance of this trainings back then, but it became the foundation of my career development since then. I would not have been where I am today without him. THANK YOU Rob.