ASPB Membership Benefits

Through ASPB membership, you’ll gain:
  • Access to highest quality scientific content dedicated to plant biology research through publications and meetings
  • Opportunity to attend ASPB’s annual meeting at a discounted price
  • Opportunities to be recognized for contribution to plant science through yearly awards
  • Access to grant opportunities with travel grants, education grants, grants for early career, women, undergraduate
  • Access to professional development workshops at meetings
  • Support for developing teaching skills through workshops conducted
  • Up-to-date teaching modules on various aspects of plant biology
  • Materials for use in education outreach to the general public on how plants influence various aspects of society as a whole through the Education Foundation
  • Opportunities to serve the broader plant biology community on committees
  • Significant discounts on article charges for members publishing in The Plant Cell, Plant Physiology, and Plant Direct
  • Financial incentives for meetings, purchasing publications, and other products or services
  • Small Regional sections in the US and Canada, as well as one special interest section that allow for smaller gatherings, more presentation opportunities and networking connections, particularly for students
  • Connection to advocacy efforts with federal agencies and the U.S.. government toward funding objectives for plant science which also provides expert witness and testimony as needed.
  • ASPB supports global initiatives with leadership and financial resources as well.

Plantae-228wide-2 A robust digital ecosystem where connections, content, tools and services help researchers, students, industry professionals and educators thrive.

Gain access to the following Plantae features:

  • networking opportunities at the meetings, through the directory, and online
  • information on members’ scientific interests that can be searched and utilized for collaboration
  • a job board that features jobs available and links to general career information thru the Career Center.
  • the latest information on people, events, and trends in plant biology through the newsletter, ASPB monthly chatter and hot news announcements