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ASPB depends on charitable donations to develop and support innovative programs and activities in the areas of education and outreach, publishing, community growth and engagement, and professional development for plant scientists now and for future generations.

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ASPB Funds You Can Currently Donate to on the ASPB Portal

  • ASPB General Fund – unrestricted funds to use to support all the activities of ASPB.
  • Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award – restricted funds to be used for
  • Robert Rabson Award – restricted funds to be used for
  • Joe Varner Travel Award – restricted funds to be used for
  • ASPB-Carnegie Winslow Briggs Mentorship Award – restricted funds to be used for
  • Eric E. Conn Young Investigator Award – restricted funds to be used for
  • Lawrence Bogorad Award for Excellence in Plant Biology Research – restricted funds to be used for
  • ASPB Innovation Prize for Agricultural Technology – restricted funds to be used for
  • Education Initiative – restricted funds to be used for

Other ASPB Fundraising Initiatives

Please see the individual fund pages for more information about each initiative.

  • Legacy Fund – The ASPB Legacy Society, initiated in late 2016, will use income earned from donations to support ASPB’s professional and student-centered programs and activities. The primary goal is to nurture future generations of plant biologists and, thereby, ensure the health and longevity of the Society. The Legacy Society is championed by the Legacy Society Leadership Committee and was launched by contributions from Founding Members who endowed the fund with a financial commitment of over half a million dollars. All of ASPB’s fundraising activities are governed by the Society’s Gift Acceptance Policy.
  • Pioneer Fund – Pioneer Members of ASPB provided the education and research training for many members of our community, and in some cases the leadership of the Society and its journals. Their recognition as a Pioneer comes from former graduate students, postdocs, colleagues, family members, and friends who collectively contributed $5,000 or more to honor them. Names of the contributors are listed beneath each Pioneer’s name, as well as links to available biographical information about the Pioneer and their contributions to plant biology.