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Ambassador By-Laws – Updated October 2018

This program was originally launched in 2006 with the aim to outreach ASPB’s mission and membership to the postdoc, graduate and undergraduate student community.  This goal was expanded to include greater outreach to plant scientists in industry settings in 2011 and expanded again in 2015 to include outreach to plant scientists in other settings.

A proposal to strengthen the Ambassador program was approved by the Board of Directors provisionally for one year during Plant Biology 2018.  This new program will double the current number of Ambassadors, and will provide additional leadership training and career development opportunities while maintaining the original purpose of outreach of ASPB’s mission to other plant scientists and the general community.  A more complete description of the program will be posted in the near future and a new application will be posted.  Until the new application is ready we are suspending applications.  It is expected to start accepting applications the beginning of December 2018 with a deadline of January 5, 2019.

Role of the Ambassador

The ASPB Ambassador Program was established to outreach ASPB’s mission and membership to the postdoc, graduate, undergraduate, and industry communities. The role of the ambassadors is to act as a liaison between the organization and the outside academic, corporate, and public communities. The responsibilities of the ambassadors are to:

  • Educate upcoming and new plant scientists about the importance of belonging to a professional society to enhance their career and be part of continuing the efforts of plant biology research.
  • Expand ASPB’s membership base of younger constituents and industry scientists to ensure continued growth of the community.
  • Act as a liaison between the Governance of ASPB and the plant science community.
  • Act as a representative of ASPB to the plant science community, the general science community and the public at large.
  • Organize and execute local outreach activities to educate scientists about ASPB and the general public about the importance of plant biology
  • Gain leadership and organizational skills by working independently and together to accomplish the goals of the ambassador program.
  • Gain networking connections by communicating with other Ambassadors, scientists and ASPB member.

In order to retain membership, Ambassadors must participate in at least two selected and three required activities that meet these goals, as described below in the Ambassador requirements and benefits section. At the end of each calendar year, all Ambassadors must submit a 1-2 page report detailing the activities they participated in during the past year, outline plans for activities to occur during the coming year and discuss what they have learned as an Ambassador.  A checklist/template will be provided to the Ambassadors to aid in writing this report, which is due Mid-November to the Ambassador Secretary.

For more information on the Ambassador program, read the Ambassador By-Laws.

APPLICATIONS: Open December 2, 2018 and close January 5, 2019