The ASPB Legacy Society

The ASPB Legacy Society, initiated in late 2016, will use income earned from donations to support ASPB’s professional and student-centered programs and activities. The primary goal is to nurture future generations of plant biologists and, thereby, ensure the health and longevity of the Society. The Legacy Society is championed by the Legacy Society Leadership Committee and was launched by contributions from Founding Members who endowed the fund with a financial commitment of over half a million dollars. All of ASPB’s fundraising activities are governed by the Society’s Gift Acceptance Policy.

Legacy Society Founding Members

To acquaint ASPB’s members with the Founding Members of the Legacy Society, we have published short autobiographical descriptions of their careers. Link to a biography for any member whose name is highlighted in green. Within the bios, the link to a Founding Member’s Academic Family Tree shows individuals whose careers they nurtured, as well as those who nurtured them.

Nikolaus Amrhein
Charles Arntzen
Sarah Assmann
Julia Bailey-Serres
Alice Barkan
Bonnie Bartel
Christoph Benning
James Birchler
Larry Blanton
Kenneth Boote
Wendy Boss
Rebecca Boston
John Boyer
Ray Bressan
Winslow Briggs*
Mark Brodl
Bob Buchanan
Dan Bush
Judy Callis
Nicholas Carpita
Vicki Chandler
Kent Chapman
Alice Cheung
Ray Chollet
Maarten Chrispeels
Mary Clutter*
Jerry Cohen

James Siedow*
Wendy Silk
Bijay Singh
Neelima Sinha
Larry Smart
Chris Somerville
Shauna Somerville
Edgar Spalding
Valerie Sponsel
Gary Stacey
Christopher Staiger
Heven Sze
Lincoln Taiz
Marguerite Varagona
Indra Vasil
Elizabeth Vierling
Richard Vierstra
Alessandro Vitale
Linda Walling
Susan Wessler
Eleanore T. Wurtzel
MariaElena Zavala
Jian-Kang Zhu