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ASPB and Open Peer Review

It’s #PeerReviewWeek18! What better time than now to blog about how two of ASPB’s journals (The Plant Cell and Plant Direct) have approached open peer review? On August 29, 2018, Nature published a Comment titled “Publish Peer Reviews” (https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-06032-w).  This Comment references an open letter (http://asapbio.org/letter) signed by two of ASPB’s own: the Editor-in-Chief of […]

Follow along as ASPB’s Managing Editor “takes over” SSPA’s Twitter handle!

Back in November of 2017, the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) announced its involvement in launching the Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA; https://plantae.org/aspb-joins-with-other-societies-to-launch-the-scientific-society-publisher-alliance-sspa/).  SSPA (www.byscientistsforscience.org) adopted and adheres to this mission statement, which reads: “The Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA) is dedicated to identifying and disseminating vital scientific research, by scientists for science. Our […]