The ASPB Legacy Society

The ASPB Legacy Society, initiated in late 2016, will use income earned from donations to support ASPB’s professional and student-centered programs and activities. The primary goal is to nurture future generations of plant biologists and, thereby, ensure the health and longevity of the Society. The Legacy Society is championed by the Legacy Society Leadership Committee and was launched by contributions from Founding Members who endowed the fund with a financial commitment of over half a million dollars. All of ASPB’s fundraising activities are governed by the Society’s Gift Acceptance Policy.

Pioneer Members of the Legacy Society are a special group of plant scientists who helped make ASPB what it is today: one of the leading professional associations for plant biology in the world. These individuals provided the education and research training for many members of our community, and in some cases the leadership of the Society and its journals.

Founding Legacy Society Members

To acquaint ASPB’s members with the Founding Members of the Legacy Society, we have published short autobiographical descriptions of their careers. Link to a biography for any member whose name is highlighted in green. Within the bios, the link to a Founding Member’s Academic Family Tree shows individuals whose careers they nurtured, as well as those who nurtured them.

Nikolaus Amrhein
Charles Arntzen
Sarah Assmann
Julia Bailey-Serres
Alice Barkan
Bonnie Bartel
Christoph Benning
James A. Birchler
Larry Blanton
Kenneth Boote
Wendy Boss
Rebecca Boston
John Boyer
Ray Bressan
Winslow Briggs*
Mark Brodl
Bob Buchanan
Dan Bush
Judy Callis
Nicholas Carpita
Vicki Chandler
Kent Chapman
Alice Cheung
Ray Chollet
Maarten Chrispeels
Mary Clutter*
Jerry Cohen

Marc Cohn
Gloria Coruzzi
Daniel Cosgrove
John Cushman
Jeff Dangl
Deborah Delmer
Machi Dilworth
Rick Dixon
Gerald Edwards
Robert Fischer
Elisabeth Gantt
Gary Gardner
Robert Giaquinta
Robert Goldberg
Sarah Grant
Pamela Green
Jean Greenberg
Wilhelm Gruissem
Mary Lou Guerinot
Thomas Guilfoyle*
Gretchen Hagen
Michael Hahn
Candace Haigler
Sarah Hake
Andrew Hanson
Maureen Hanson
John Harada

Jeffrey Harper
Gary Heichel
Eliot Herman
Ann Hirsch
Tuan-Hua David Ho
Thomas Hodges
Stephen Howell
Mark Jacobs
Andre Jagendorf*
Alan Jones
Russell Jones
Stefan Kirchanski
Harry Klee
Karen Koch
Leon Kochian
Karen Koster
Brian Larkins
Robert (Rob) Last
Peggy Lemaux
Sharon Long
Stephen Long
William Lucas
Harvard Lyman
Sally Mackenzie
Pal Maliga
Martin Massengale
Maureen McCann
Donald McCarty
Rob McClung

Sabeeha Merchant
Blake Meyers
Jonathan Monroe
Gloria Muday
John Mullet
John Ohlrogge
Mel Oliver
Neil Olszewski
Don Ort
Kathy Osteryoung
Robert E. Paull
Eran Pichersky
Carl Pike
Ralph Quatrano
Natasha Raikhel
Doug Randall
Eric Roberts
Alison Roberts
Stan Roux
Daniel Schachtman
Danny Schnell
J. William Schopf
Lawrence Schrader
Julian Schroeder
Tom Sharkey
Jane Shen-Miller
Louis Sherman

James Siedow
Wendy Silk
Bijay Singh
Neelima Sinha
Larry Smart
Chris Somerville
Shauna Somerville
Edgar Spalding
Valerie Sponsel
Gary Stacey
Christopher Staiger
Heven Sze
Lincoln Taiz
Margeurite (Rita) Varagona
Indra Vasil
Elizabeth Vierling
Richard Vierstra
Alessandro Vitale
Linda Walling
Susan Wessler
Eli Wurtzel
MariaElena Zavala
Jian-Kang Zhu


Pioneer Members of the ASPB Legacy Society Members

Pioneer Members of the Legacy Society provided the education and research training for many members of our community, and in some cases the leadership of the Society and its journals. Their recognition as a Pioneer comes from former graduate students, postdocs, colleagues, family members, and friends who collectively contributed $5,000 or more to honor them as a member of the Legacy Society. Names of the contributors are listed beneath each Pioneer’s name, as well as links to available biographical information about the Pioneer and their contributions to plant biology.

Bernard Phinney


Maarten and Janet Chrispeels
Jerry Cohen
Machi Dilworth
Gary Gardner
Peter Hedden
Russell Jones
Masayuki Katsumi
Stefan Kirchanski and Ann Hirsch
Noboru Murofushi
Jean Phinney
Valerie Sponsel
Clive Spray
Elaine Tobin

Richard Hageman


Fred Below
George Bowes
Steven Crafts Brandner
Maarten and Janet Chrispeels
Urs Feller
James Harper
Andrew Reed
William Ogren

John Hanson


John Cheeseman
Maarten and Janet Chrispeels
Thomas Hodges
Theodore Hsiao
Robert Leonard
Magaly Rincon-Zachary
Sharon Rogers
Jack Shannon
Donald Weeks

Joachim Messing


Jiaqiang Dong
Fan Feng
Jinsheng Lai
Yin Li
Chenxu Liu
Rentao Song
Wenqin Wang
Yongrui Wu
Jianhing Xu
Zhiyong Zhang

Peter Quail


Robert Calderon
Jim Colbert
Katayoon (Katie) Dehesh
Xing Wang Deng
Keara Franklin
Enamul Huq
Alan Jones
Min Ni
Jorge Nieto Sotelo
Brian Parks
Dave Somers
Jim Tepperman
Jim Tokuhisa
Gabriela Toledo-Ortiz
Rick Vierstra
Yu (Roy) Zhang

Larry Vanderhoef


Rosalie Vanderhoef