Give Your Students Roots

Have you thought about sponsoring your students’ or postdocs’ ASPB membership?  If you submit their membership application when you pay for your membership (if you are not already a current member), you will get a $5 discount for each membership you sponsor.  All you have to do is fill out the form and we will take care of the rest.

Why provide ASPB membership to your students and postdocs?

Students and postdocs are the future of plant biology; if we get them involved now, they are more likely to stay involved throughout their career.

Membership offers many benefits to your students and postdocs

  • The online Career Center, which provides information about jobs in the field, the member-only ability to post their resume, and links to other career resources
  • Online networking tools through the Plantae website
  • Free online access to two world-class journals: The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology
  • Reduced registration rates for the annual meeting, where attendees gain experience by presenting their work, take workshops that will help them as they become professional scientists, and network with students, postdocs and scientists from around the world
  • Opportunities to volunteer

Give Your Students Roots so they can be an integral part of the plant biology community.


Contact me with any questions or requests for assistance.