ASPB Events

ASPB provides inquiry-based learning materials for educators and avenues for thinking about plant science to the general public through a variety of events. See the Main ASPB Calendar [hyperlink that to the new calendar on the homepage] for the dates and locations of all this year’s events.

Volunteering for an Annual Event—What to Expect

Who does what?

All events are managed (onsite) by an Education Committee member and/or ASPB staff member. As ‘local talent’ you are asked to share your expertise & enthusiasm plus any of the resources in the booth that will facilitate the visitor’s needs or cultivate new interests. All resources align with ASPB’s 12 principles of plant biology, the core concepts in plant biology (for higher education), or other evidence-based standards.

What’s in it for you?

As a volunteer, you will get complete information about booth content, an outreach orientation, free admission to the Exhibit Hall, and (sometimes) free conference registration. Volunteering can support your Broader Impact goals. And of course your service benefits the Society as well as the field of plant biology. The opportunity to network with like-minded scientists equally motivated about outreach is an additional benefit. As a member of Plantae, you also can earn Grow Points for your service.

Event Types & Goals

Educator Events
  • help teachers figure out fun and efficient ways to expand how and why they teach plant science
  • offer an array of materials to help infuse plant biology throughout the curriculum
  • align with evidence- based standards for science education
  • discuss & give away thoughtful lab and classroom activities
  • share ‘pro tips’ for using plants to teach
  • network with K-16 educators
Family & Public Engagement
  • eradicate plant blindness
  • get ‘everyone’ thinking about the many critical ways plants matter in their daily lives
  • inspire others to ponder, “If food, pharma, fuels and fibers all come from plants, what can I explore for a better understanding of how to use and sustain plants near me and worldwide?”
The Plant Biology Annual Meeting Education & Outreach Booth
  •  share samples of the Society’s education and outreach initiatives
  • promote funding and mentoring opportunities
  • invite members to incorporate evidence-based teaching or public engagement as a pillar of their research career
  • support varied plant science career path
  • feature invited guests, e.g. past grant winners or representatives from partner organizations

Primary Event Overviews


National Science Teachers Association annual meeting


USA Science & Engineering Festival (odd years only), Washington, DC


Fascination of Plants Day (odd years only)


Plant Biology—ASPB annual meeting


National Association of Biology Teachers annual meeting

Are you ready to dig in and reach out?

To Volunteer: Check the main ASPB calendar for the dates and location of the event that interests you. ASPB also will periodically send solicitations for volunteers at outreach events. If an event is near you (or you wish to travel to it at your expense), please contact Winnie Nham ( to learn more and get registered.