Testimonials for Pioneer Member Sabeeha Merchant

Catherine F Clarke – Congratulations Sabeeha on being a Pioneer of the ASPB! Your inspiring research and support of young colleagues and students has enriched and enlarged the community of scientists.

Donald McCarty and Karen Koch – Sabeeha is a great friend, and because she was a year ahead of me, an influential mentor when we were lab-mates in graduate school at the U. of Wisconsin in the 1980’s. Then and now, Sabeeha is admired for her intelligence, dedication, sharp wit and sense of humor. This Pioneer recognition is well deserved.

Jeffrey Moseley – Sabeeha is a force of nature, and an amazing scientist, mentor and person.

Stacie Nakamoto – Prof. Merchant’s guidance was essential for my growth as a scientist. She was a great mentor – doing experiments along side her students when necessary, but always giving us the freedom and encouragement to think for ourselves.