Testimonials for Pioneer Member Zinmay Renee Sung

Michael (Mike) Freeling – Renee and I were unique in our Department at UC Berkeley, because we originated from the original Department of Genetics and went back to the 1970s. Renee was my closest friend-colleague in our new department. Our discussions helped me be reasonably sane, and her dedication to the field of morphology, as distinct from evo-devo or molecular genetics, led to intellectually powerful ideas and discussions. Thanks Renee and to all of the vibrant members of the Sung lab.

Britt Glaunsinger – In addition to her impactful scientific work, Renee has been a tireless supporter of women in science and has made important contributions to undergraduate teaching, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Dhondup Lhamo – Renee has been a pioneer in her work on resolving mechanisms of polycomb group proteins in flowering and seed development. She has also made an immense contribution towards promoting women in science. Renee inspired me to pursue a PhD in plant biology at UC Berkeley. I am honored to say that I was amongst the last batch of students to take her plant course on ‘ABC model’ and do research as an undergraduate apprentice on ‘EMF genes’. Her research, support, leadership and mentorship roles are appreciated and worth recognition

Fiorella Lo Schiavo – I was an honor and a privilege to be hosted as a post doc in your lab at UC Berkeley in the eighties. It was an unforgettable time… very important for my future career and only the beginning of a long friendship! all the best, Fiorella

Jen Sheen – For me, Renee was an amazing role model for developing a career as an Asian woman scientist in a foreign country, long before DEI was prevalent. I thoroughly enjoyed our friendship and have continued to learn from her creativity, vision, courage, and unique insight into science and life.