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Below is information for libraries on subscribing to The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology® journals. If you don’t find your answers here, contact us!

Subscription Information

Tier 1 – Online access $3,178

  1. Primary/secondary schools,
  2. General small reference public libraries
  3. Museums

Tier 2 – Online access $3,572

  1. Community colleges
  2. Undergraduate or master’s-level colleges or universities
  3. Museums with scientific research
  4. Professional societies or trade associations
  5. Local government agencies

Tier 3 – Online access $3,780

  1. Locally administered, single-site doctoral or research universities
  2. Medical or pharmacy schools
  3. Small teaching or research hospitals
  4. Small for-profit organizations
  5. Small non-profit/government research institutes (1-99 FTEs)

Tier 4 – Please contact the representative in your region (below) for price quotes.

  1. Single site institutions with high research activity and commensurate usage
  2. Statewide or regional institutions (academic or research)
  3. Single or centrally administered organizations or academic institutions, public or private, with teaching/research hospital(s) or more than one site or campus in the same city
  4. Statewide government agencies or ministries
  5. Non-profit research organizations or networks
  6. Mid-sized for-profit organizations (100-300 FTEs)

Tier 5 – Please contact the representative in your region (below) for price quotes.

  1. Consortia of academic libraries (includes groups of universities that share access or large state‐wide licenses)
  2. Consortia of medical libraries and affiliated hospitals (includes groups of medical libraries or hospitals that share access)
  3. Groups of affiliated labs or regional buying groups
  4. Large for-profit organizations (over 300 FTEs)
  5. State or national government agencies
  6. Online Universities
  7. Multinational pharmaceutical or biotech companies.

ASPB’s representatives:

Send orders and payments to the address below:
Make checks payable to:
American Society of Plant Biologists

Send to:
American Society of Plant Biologists
Institutional Subscriptions
15501 Monona Drive
Rockville, MD 20855-2768

For wire transfers, send to:
Bank of America
11810 Grand Park Avenue
Suite 700
North Bethesda, MD 20852

Phone: 888-400-9009

ABA# 026009593
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
ACH# 052001633

We also accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

While we have no formal internet site license agreement for online access, we do have terms and conditions:

  • An Institution (or Library) includes all parts of a single organization that report to the same Chief Academic Officer, Chief Executive Officer or Director of a not-for-profit, agency, governmental or non-governmental organization or independent company. (For multi-campus academic institutions, each organization listed in the Directory of Higher Education, or its equivalent, is considered a separate institution. Academic law and academic medical libraries may be part of a University only if they report to the same CAO or CEO.)
  • Authorized Users are authenticated, authorized current full and part time students, employees (including faculty, staff, affiliated researchers and independent contractors), and other individuals who have permission to use the public computers on the Library Subscriber’s campus.
  • An online subscription permits unlimited simultaneous internet access to complete Journal content by Authorized Users for the entire subscription term. Secure proxy access from off campus locations is allowed.

For more on our terms and conditions, see: Terms and Conditions

We offer multi-site & consortium subscriptions. Contact us based on your location with the number of sites that will have access to our journals & the number of relevant users at each site. We will be happy to quote you a price.

Pay per Article: You can purchase access to any article in The Plant Cell Online or Plant Physiology® Online, including the PDF version, for a period of 48 hours for US$20.00.

  • You may view, download, and/or print the article for your personal, scholarly research, and educational use.
  • You may not (i) distribute a copy (electronic or otherwise) of the article without written permission from ASPB, (ii) post the article on an electronic bulletin board or website, or (iii) charge for a copy (electronic or otherwise) of the article.
  • To purchase an article, click on its full-text link and follow the instructions on the Sign In page.

Inter-library Loan of articles or components in any electronic or digital form is allowed under American Library Association’s Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, provided only a limited number of copies of such articles will be made and distributed. Visit the ALA Website for more detail.

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Access Tips

If you have a current subscription but can’t access the full text of the most current issue of The Plant Cell or Plant Physiology, there are a few possible reasons:

  • Have any of your IP addresses recently changed?
  • Do you have new IP addresses to be added?
  • Does your institution have a proxy server? That server’s IP address must also be entered in order to gain access.
  • Go to or contact us for assistance.

About Our Journals

  • The Plant Cell: Online ISSN 1532-298X
    Plant Physiology®: Online ISSN 1532-2548
  • ASPB is COUNTER compliant.
  • Subscriptions are issued on a calendar-year basis only.
  • Prepaid/We regret that we are unable to offer refunds.
  • Our licensing agreement can be found here, or contact us with questions.
  • A subscription allows access to the full text of both current and past issues of The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology®.
  • Tables of contents, abstracts, and many front-section features are free to everyone.
  • The full archive of The Plant Cell (to volume 1, 1989) and Plant Physiology® (to volume 1, 1926) are freely available at HighWire Press, PubMedCentral (both with a 1-year embargo) and JSTOR (with a 3-year embargo).
  • Both journals are also archived at LOCKSS and CLOCKSS.
  • The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology® have RSS feeds! See or for details on how to subscribe.