ASPB News Addressing Ethical Standards

One of the duties of our Society is to raise the awareness of such issues among our membership to help us all avoid violating acceptable ethical standards. Accordingly, we decided to run a series of articles in the newsletter in which we systematically address ethical standards.

Addressing Ethical Standards: Mentor Involvement in Research Misconduct

Addressing Ethical Standards: Anti-Plagiarism Software

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2005 (page 14)
Addressing Ethical Standards: Establishment of Publisher and Staff Guidelines Puts ASPB Ahead of the Curve

MARCH/APRIL 2005 (page 9)
Addressing Ethical Concerns: Editor and Reviewer Guidelines, Conflicts of Interest

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2005 (page 11)
Addressing Ethical Standards: Authorship

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2004 (page 10)
Addressing Ethical Standards: Plagiarism

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2004 (page 20)
Addressing Ethical Standards: What’s in a picture? The temptation of image manipulation

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2003 (page 16)
Ethics in Publishing: ASPB Policies and Procedures for Handling Allegations of Author Misconduct