Testimonials for Pioneer Member Zhenbiao Yang

Fang Chang – Zhenbiao has not only made pioneering contributions to the science of plant developmental, but has also guided and helped many young investigators, including me. He creates a lab environment where everyone is inspired and motivated to conduct exciting research. He has always been supportive, patient and helpful when we encountered challenges with our projects and our life. I was extremely fortunate to be one of his Ph.D students. The experience I gained at that time was crucial for me and still encourages me in my career. Thank you Zhenbiao!

Xuemei Chen – Zhenbiao, thank you for being a great colleague! I am grateful for your help and advice over the years.

Juan Dong – Dr. Yang is a great and patient mentor. He recognizes and encourages talented young scientists around him, and also paves the way for their career development.

Ying Fu – My postdoctoral experience in Zhenbiao’s lab is crucial for my own academic career, and I’m grateful to his generous and constant guidance and support since then. I think this is a well-deserved recognition for him, who has enthusiasm for science, and has made great contribution to the plant cell biology field.

Aobo Huang – Dr. Yang, I appreciate your wonderful mentorship as well as your endless support during my scientific career and my personal life. I am very proud to be a Yang lab member.

Deshu Lin – Dr. Zhenbiao Yang is a great plant cell biologist and an excellent mentor. My Ph. D. and postdoctoral training in his lab considerably changed my life. In addition to teaching knowledge and experimental skills, he gave me freedom and encouragement and always told me, “keep on doing, you will have new findings in the field”. He has been a great influence on my scientific career, and he inspired me to explore the fascinating research field of plant cell biology. His work has made many important contributions to the fields of cell biology and mechanobiology. Thank you, Zhenbiao!

Nan Luo – Zhenbiao is a great scientist and a great mentor. As a scientist, he has had a major impact on plant biology through decades of work and pioneering research on plant cell tip growth and auxin signaling. As a mentor, he constantly inspired me with his vision and insight. He was supportive and encouraging in every way. The courage and tenacity I learned from him are the very reason I’m still working on what I’m truly interested in understanding, for which I’m deeply grateful.

Xue Pan – Dr. Yang is a wonderful role model, a person and not just a scientist. He is generous and innovative with his ideas, and provided me opportunities and enormous support to explore new areas during my postdoc training in his lab. My time in his lab has been transformational and helped shape my academic career. I will always be grateful for his trust, encouragement and mentorship.

Yuan Qin – Zhenbiao has been an excellent mentor for students, postdoctoral researchers and young faculty members. He has been an excellent colleague: creative, positive, and supportive. The projects I worked on in his lab made it possible for me to develop my own research trajectory soon after starting my independent faculty position in Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in China. Moreover, Zhenbiao is one of the most productive and generous plant scientists I know, and he has made great contributions to the field of plant cell biology.

Natasha Raikhel – Zhenbiao is known globally for his pioneering and seminal research that has impacted plant biology. He is a big time giver and a great and reliable friend to many. Thanks and congratulations Zhenbiao!!!

Sha Yu – Zhenbiao is a fantastic supervisor. Within a short period of time, he has taught me things that would have taken me years to learn. He motivates his students, while providing them with the scientific tools to achieve their goals. Thank you for being a shining example for me.

Zonghua Wang – I learned from Professor Zhenbiao Yang’s research on plant Rop function. I started a study on Rho function in the Ascomycete plant fungal pathogens, Magnaporthe oryzae and Fusarium graminearum. In recognition of his many contributions, I am pleased to help recognize Professor Yang as a Pioneer of ASPB.

Shuang Wu – Zhenbiao is a great friend and an influential mentor who served on the scientific committee to guide and evaluate my tenureship. He is a very insightful plant cell biologist and made pioneering contributions to plant signaing and plant cell morphogenesis. During an early stage as a PI, I benifited immensely from his guidance. He was highly supportive and gave me numerous suggestions on how to choose a direction, balance projects, and run a lab. As a friend, he is super kind, caring, considerate and always helpful. I’m most grateful for his mentorship and friendship.

Tongda Xu – Zhenbiao has been an inspiring mentor for his students, postdocs and staff. Most of us consider him to be a role model in both scientific research and life. When I was a student in his lab, I benefited tremendously from his mentoring, and when I started my own lab in Singapore, he provided a great deal of support and inspired me to explore the fascinating area of auxin signaling in plants. Zhenbiao is a great example of a pioneer, as defined “an individual who provided the education and research training for many members of our community, and in several cases the leadership of ASPB and its journals”. His excellent work in both Rop GTPase signaling and auxin signaling has led us to a better understanding of plant development.

Junling Zhou – I worked for Zhenbiao at the FAFU-UCR joint center as an assistant for more than seven years, and I would like to share with you what a supportive boss he is. He gave me an opportunity to grow professionally and as a person. His support sustained me through several professional and personal crisies, and he helped me learn from my mistakes and move forward to make progress in my life. I am grateful for his influence on my life, and I am very happy that he received recognition as a Pioneer Member of ASPB. He really deserves it!

Xiang Zhou – I joined Zhenbiao’s lab in 2010 as a PhD candidate. After graduation, I continued doing postdoctoral research in his lab, and I am now an independent investigator in Fudan Agriculture and Forestry University in China. Zhenbiao was a visionary mentor who helped map my scientific journey, advising me on research topics and connecting me with the resources I need. He is a great scientist who has dedicated his life to research the field of plant cell biology, serving the scientific community and training senior researchers.

Fangjie Zhu – A knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging supervisor in our academic career.