Testimonials for Pioneer Member Yuji Kamiya

Belay Ayele – Congratulations on your recognition as an ASPB Pioneer! The recognition for your scientific contribution in plant hormone biology and training of the next generation of scientists in the discipline is very well-deserved. I especially want to thank you for your mentorship during my postdoctoral training in your group. Arigatōgozaimashita Kamiya-sensie! ありがとうございました!

Giltsu Choi – Dr. Yuji Kamiya helped me greatly when I was struggling with gibberellin research as a young scientist. I would not be here without him.

Elizabeth Dennis – Yuji was a pioneer in our understanding of the role of GA in plant growth and development. He mixed chemistry and molecular biology to elucidate the mechanism of the hormone action. He also mentored many young scientists in a supportive manner. He made international connections with scientists in many countries and was an engaging and delightful companion

Hiroo Fukuda – Dr. Kamiya is a pioneer of plant hormone biology. He learned biochemistry thoroughly in his early carrier and this contributed to his various biological findings about plant hormones. He organized his research group in RIKEN and pursued plant biology. He discovered many biosynthesis pathways of plant hormones, including the auxin biosynthetic pathway. He also discovered signaling pathways of plant hormones, including those of gibberellin and brassinosteroids. I want to emphasize that he also fostered a number of young researchers who are now contributing to plant biology research.

Wilhelm Gruissem – Dr. Yuji Kamiya has made several seminal discoveries in plant hormone biosynthesis, especially focusing on auxin, abscisic acid and gibberellins. He has pioneered the field of ultra-sensitive plant hormone measurements that have greatly advanced our understanding of plant hormone dynamics

Peter Hedden – Dr Kamiya made major contributions to the field of plant hormone biosynthesis and signal transduction, particularly for the gibberellins. His work provided ground-breaking advances regarding the regulation of gibberellin metabolism and signaling during development in response to the environment. He was also involved in the pioneering work that led to the discovery of strigolactones as plant hormones.

Russell Jones – Yuji Kamiya made pioneering contributions to the field of plant hormone chemistry and function and his contributions to these fields have been seminal.

Theo Lange – My professional work is on plant hormones and gibberellins in particular, which are closely related to Japan and even more so to Dr. Kamiya and his lab. I was fortunate to participate in the Frontier Research Program (a great program that Dr. Kamiya initiated to advance plant hormone research worldwide) and later received a JSPS grant to conduct research in Dr. Kamiya’s lab. I admit that my career has benefited greatly from Dr. Kamiya, the international atmosphere, and the open-minded discussions with him and his lab members.

Weiqiang Li – Dr. Yuji Kamiya is a Pioneer of research in many areas of plant hormone biosynthesis and sigal transduction. His work contributed especially to understanding the biosynthesis of gibberellin and abscisic acid. This work greatly affected the development of plant hormone research.

Kazunori Okada – I am convinced that Dr. Kamiya merits recognition as a Pioneer of ASPB, as he has led the research on several plant hormones, including GA, ABA, and IAA.

Maria Pimenta Lange – My postdoctoral experience in Dr Kamiya’s lab was very important for my research career and for my personal life. Dr Kamiya was not just an excellent advisor and mentor but also a very nice person to get known to.

Wilhelm Rademacher – Dr. Yuji Kamiya is an outstanding pioneer in the field of gibberellin biosynthesis and other aspects of plant hormone research. Beyond this, he has served as an excellent scientific ambassador of his country and paved the way for many international cooperations. Dear Yuji: Thank you for many years of friendship – both scientifically and personally!

Kazuo Shinozaki – Congratulations, Kamiya sensei. I appreciate your great contributions to plant hormone research and your mentorship.

Ken Shirasu – Kamiya sensei is a true pioneer in plant hormone biosynthesis studies. I was very lucky to be near by, contributing to his land mark discoveries on auxin and strigolactone.

Mitsuhashi Wataru – Yuki Kamiya worked at RIKEN on the biosynthesis and regulation of several plant hormones, especially gibberellic acid. He found many genes and enzymes contributed to GA biosynthesis and signal transduction. And many enigmas were solved based on their roles in plant development. He also organized several international meetings, including IPGSA, In particular, he organized small meetings on hormones with international researchers. These meetings succeeded in creating good relationships and opportunities to work together. His contributions dramatically improved hormonal research in the world.

Takao Yokota – Your influence helped my research so much, thank you.