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Michael F. Antolin – Dan’s research was on the production, storage and movement of sugars in plants, as part of the process of photosynthesis. He worked for USDA-ARS (through the University of Illinois), moved to Colorado State University in 2004 as Department Chair of Biology, and then served as Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs from 2012 to 2021. He was key in promoting plant sciences at Colorado State, nationally and internationally through his active membership and leadership in scientific societies.

Cris Argueso – Dan has been a tremendous mentor and friend to me. His impact on plant science is only overshadowed by his positive impacts on his mentees. It is with great happiness that I contribute to this most deserving award.

Patricia Bedinger – Dan Bush has not only contributed significantly to our understanding of plant physiology – he has also been an important mentor for other scientists. In his role as Chair of the Biology Department at Colorado State University, Dan promoted the growth and success of many scientists, including myself. I will always be grateful for his advice, support, and friendship.

Tzyy-Jen Chiou – I had so much privilege being Dan’s first student. I never forget his excitement about our first isolation of sugar beet RNA in 1989. Dan was yelling, “We got the RNA! We got the RNA!” from one side of the lab to the other side when we were still in a big room that contained three labs. To me, it was so encouraging. Dan always looks on the positive side. That is how I learned how to inspire my students. Dan is always generous in offering advice, support, and encouragement anytime and anywhere. I very much miss the good times in Dan’s lab.

Mengjuan Guo – Dan has always been a caring, supportive supervisor during my academic career. He consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to nurturing the intellectual and professional growth of his mentees, while providing ample space for exploration and a rare tolerance to failure. In our faculty, Dan consistently fostered an environment that celebrated different viewpoints and experiences, encouraging open dialogue and mutual respect among students and faculty alike.

Jan Leach – Dan Bush is a generous and outstanding collaborator and mentor to folks at all stages of their careers. Over the years of collaborating with Dan, I learned so much about plant physiology/biochemistry. I enjoyed serving on student committees with him, as he not only gives great scientific advice, but he also he gives kind, honest and thoughtful guidance (and nudges) about how to proceed through their programs.

Mei-Yeh Jade Lu – Having Dan Bush as my PhD advisor was the highlight of my early scientific journey. Dan not only granted us the freedom and courage to explore and enjoy our work, but he also offered a reassuring wink and a smile when mistakes were made. Throughout years dedicated to studying the structure-function relationship of sucrose/proton symporters, Dan consistently guided us to consider the broader context of sink-source resource allocation in plants, ensuring we didn’t lose sight of the bigger picture amid our molecular focus. His motivation extended beyond scientific guidance, injecting humor and laughter into the lab, encouraging us to view challenges from different perspectives and emphasizing the value of learning from mistakes. I am profoundly thankful to Dan for imparting invaluable lessons that fuel my curiosity-driven journey and instill the confidence to pursue my scientific endeavors. For these and numerous other reasons, I am eternally grateful. Thanks, Dan!

Rick Miranda – I know Dan from his time at Colorado State University, where he was an outstanding Chair of our Department of Biology, the architect of our Life Science Core Curriculum administrative arrangements, and as a valued and energetic member of the President’s Cabinet during the years he served as Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. His administrative accomplishments at CSU were only matched by his commitment to his research and scientific endeavors, which were even more impressive. Thank you Dan for all you have done!

Anireddy S.N. Reddy –  Dr. Dan Bush is a visionary scientist and a leader with a tireless commitment to advancing science, especially plant biology. His decades of distinguished service and contributions to the plant science community at the national/international level in many leadership roles in different societies, including the ASPB and AAAS and at Colorado State University, are impressive. We are very grateful for all his work and accomplishments in furthering plant biology. As a colleague in the Department of Biology at Colorado State University, it has been a great privilege for me to work with him. I thoroughly enjoyed my many years of association with Dan. He has been a great mentor and friend to me and countless others in the plant science community, and most of all, he is a genuinely kind and wonderful person with great enthusiasm and willingness to help others.