Testimonials for Pioneer Member Ralph Quatrano

Mark Guiltinan – Ralph Quatrano took me into his lab after a single phone call, at a time I really needed help, and I spent 4 years with him in North Carolina as postdoc. Not only was he a great scientific mind, but his open style of interacting with others showed me that there is a lot more to be gained through collaboration than by secrecy, a style I hold dearly to this day. He gave me the freedom to search for DNA binding proteins interacting with the ABA enhancer, and it was amazing when we found the bZIP protein EmPB-1. I also relied on Ralph’s wisdom for advice at several critical times in my career and I am forever grateful for everything he shared with me over these years. Ralph and his wife Barb also became great friends of ours, and the godparents of my second child. I remember fondly to this day hanging out at their home relaxing after a long week, feeling a part of the family. I was so impressed by their hospitality and generosity. Thanks Ralph!