Testimonials for Pioneer Member Eberhard Schäfer

Alfred Batschauer – It was a great pleasure and honor for me to be part of Eberhard Schäfer’s group, first as a guest and cooperation partner during my doctorate with Klaus Apel and then as a postdoc. Even if the daily ‘5 o’clock teas’ in his group were a health challenge, these sessions were extremely important to learn from Eberhard the joy of science and to do research with enthusiasm. Eberhard, I thank you for that! During my academic work, I always tried and still try to pass this spirit on to the next generations.

Christian Fankhauser – Eberhard Schaefer’s incredible “instincts”, creativity and strong background in physics have allowed him and his team members to identify key features that distinguish the function of phytochrome A and phytochrome B, two paralogous photoreceptors that allow seed plants to respond to a broad diversity of light cues. Over the years he has been a wonderful and inspiring mentor for many members of the community, including myself.

Klaus Harter – I had a great time with Eberhard during my Ph.D. and the period I was a scientific assistant in his department. His fascinating, challenging lectures made me want to pursue my career in plant sciences. He made me love plant sciences.

Rainer Hertel – Eberhard Schäfer did pioneering work in the field of phytochrome research, and he guided and stimulated many, many students, graduate students and colleagues in his field, always towards a wider view of physics and biology.

Alan Jones – Eberhard Schaefer is an unsung pioneer plant biologist who should be celebrated for his creativity, rigor, and high productivity in the field of photobiology. His legacy resides in the many students he mentored. They are carrying on his tradition of excellent science with compassion. I will never forget the year I spent on sabbatical with the Schaefer lab family.

Ferenc Nagy – Dear Eberhard! We have been collaborating for about 30 years and published more than 30 jointly authored papers. We still have a few more to discuss and write in the coming years! So please keep going, stay healthy and let’s meet again and again in Freiburg to complete these papers! I will pay for the beers. Best regards, Ferenc

Andreas Schaefer – I have never worked in your lab or collaborated with you (professionally) – but, maybe unsurprisingly, you have been and are the greatest inspiration to my own scientific career. Thank you!