Testimonials for Pioneer Member Frederick Ausubel

Xinnian Dong – For his pioneering work in developing Arabidopsis thaliana as a reference organism for molecular genetic and genomic study of plant functions.

Venkatesan Sundaresan – Fred Ausubel is being rightly recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to plant biology. But beyond that, Fred has been an inspiration and role model for generations of plant biologists who were trained in his lab (including myself) through his low key but brilliantly effective mentorship. He created a uniquely exciting intellectual environment through his keen insight and ability to spot key scientific questions in a research area, combined with a hands-off approach that gave virtually unlimited creative freedom to his students and postdocs. All of this was managed with an unflappable temperament. He allowed us to take risks that could fail, and his genuine concern and unfailing generosity towards all whom he mentored was shared even with short term visitors. Thank you Fred for everything you have done for the field and for those of us fortunate enough to have been trained in your lab.