Testimonials for Pioneer Member Gadi Galili

Rachel Amir – I was one of Prof. Gad Galili’s post docs in the early 90’s. Gadi generously opened his laboratory door for me at the Weizmann Institute, taught me the secrets of the biotechnology profession of plants. Even beyond that, he open my mind into a different field from what I had learned up until then, and carefully made sure I understood new knowledge, and encouraged me to be creative and apply critical thiniking abilities. Over time he prepared me to be the scientist I have become. Like a good father, he cared, but he also knew how to say words of criticism and direct me to the right ways. Over the years he has always been someone pleasant to talk to, and talk about science, about research, and to hear his opinion and to consult with. He served as an excellent mentor for a life in science. He also taught me how to be accurate in scientific writing and how to write research proposals, and encouraged me when things went less well, especially at the beginning of my career. I owe it to Gadi’s support at the beginning of my scientific career to become who I am today. I was privileged to meet a generous, creative man, full of passion for science and willing to teach like Gadi. Thank you Gadi for that.

Ruthie Angelovici – Professor Galili was my PhD advisor from 2004-2009; he instilled in me the love of plant science and also provided an amazing role model as a mentor.

Tamir Avin-Wittenberg – Gadi was my Ph.D. mentor, and working in his group inspired the research we do in my group today. His support and enthusiasm were key drivers of my scientific career, and this is not unique, as Gadi has many “scientific children”.

Daniela Ben-Tov – Gadi is the reason I pursued a career in science. His passion is contagious. Without his mentorship, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Gideon Grafi – Gadi opened the door to his lab for me and to the magnificent world of science.

Arik Honig – My Scientific mentor and a good friend.

Menny Kirma – Prof. Galili was my advisor during my Ph.D studies. I had learned from him about scientific thinking, dedication and being a group member. He was highly devoted to his role and I think he had a great impact on my abilities and career.

Simon Michaeli – For me, Prof. Gad Galili (Gadi) is, first of all, a kind and generous human being, who always sees the good of his students and workers at the highest priority. He never neglected or kept aside a student’s work on the account of not being “high impact”.
He believes that all students have their own unique quality and that they can produce and publish their work with proper guidance. In addition, there is no doubt that Gadi is an extraordinary scientist and pioneer in the Plant Sciences, with enormous contribution to the study of plant metabolic pathways and plant cell biology. Personally, there is no doubt that I became a much better scientist myself following Gadi’s guidance. Thank you very much Gadi.

Noam Shani – I have had the privilege of being one of the first students of Prof. Galili at the Weizmann Institute. I started my Ph.D. with him in 1988 and the five years I spent in his lab were inspiring. Gadi is a great scientist, but also a real “Mensch” and I will always regard him as a true mentor and friend.

Oren Tzafadia – Gadi guided my in my first steps of post graduation, and I see him as a key part of my success.