Testimonials for Pioneer Member Kazuo Shinozaki

Kousuke Hanada – Prof. Shinozaki is a pioneer in the studyof abiotic signaling mechanisms in plants. In particular, identifaction of the DREB transcription factor has influenced many researchers who study abiotic stress tolerance in plants.

Nobuaki Hayashida – Professor Shinozaki’s greatness can be explained by many molecular-biological publications describing signal transduction related to drought resistance and organizational work for the plant physiology research community.

Reiko Motohashi – Dr. Kazuo Shinozaki was my postdoctoral boss and taught me about the main road to plant genome research.

Kazuo Nakashima – Dr. Kazuo Shinozaki advised us on molecular-level research related to environmental stresses, such as drought, heat and cold stresses in plants. He made a significant contribution to promote research at JIRCAS that enhances tolerance to environmental stress in crops such as rice, soybeans and sugar cane. In particular, the following research results were very impactful: (1) Regulatory factors, including transcription factors such as DREB, AREB, and NAC that are important key factors in controlling environmental stress tolerance in plants; and (2) Overexpression of these factors in plants, including crops growing under stress conditions, which can enhance tolerance to environmental stresses. Moreover, his constant calmness, earnest attitude toward research, and perspective have had a great impact on my research career, and I am very grateful to him.

Masaru Ohme-Takagi – Congratulation Shinozaki sensei.

Takashi Yuasa – I am very pleased to hear that Prof. Shinozaki is recognized as an ASPB Pioneer. Congratulation!