Testimonials for Pioneer Member Mark Estelle

Eilon Shani – Mark Estelle is an outstanding scientist, wonderful supervisor, and a great person to look up to. I had the unique privilege to learn from Mark and I’m grateful for that!

Teva Vernoux – In the field of auxin biology and plant development, I can’t think of someone that embodies more what a pioneer is than Mark. His work and vision has paved the way for an entire generation of active scientists and without doubts for the next to come. Thank you Mark.

Ning Zheng – As a structural biologist trained in two biomedical institutes, I had never paid close attention to plant biology until Mark reached out to me to establish a collaboration aimed at revealing the mechanism of action of auxin. The outcome not only led to a breathtaking journey far beyond my imagination but also changed the trajectory of my research forever. These days I am fascinated by the many mysterious questions remaining to be answered in the plant biology field, and am also excited to embark on a new quest to discover novel therapeutics based on the molecular principle auxin, the critical plant hormone, has taught us. Thank you, Mark, for directing me into the wonderland of plants!