Testimonials for Pioneer Member Mary Helen Goldsmith

Katie Newman – I was a post-doctoral associate in Mary Helen’s Lab from 1983-87, trying to see if we could get membrane vesicles to accumulate / transport auxin. I remember her enthusiasm, scientific rigor, and integrity. I was honored to be brought into her circle, both in the lab as well as her family. She and her husband, Tim, set a powerful example for how both members of a couple can have successful scientific careers. Ultimately I decided to pursue a career as an academic librarian. I am forever grateful for the many valuable life lessons I learned from Mary Helen.

Clifford Slayman – Plaudits come later. Mary Helen has been full of verve and good ideas for the entire time I have known her (viz., since 1959). Before Carolyn Watch and I entered the fringe of plant physiology (and matrimony), Mary Helen and Tim introduced us to bird watching. Everything was a thrill that summer!