Testimonials for Pioneer Member Alice Cheung

Qiaohong Duan – As Cheung lab peers, we sincerely appreciate Alice for the all-round training experience she offered, her demand for quality in scientific details, her exuberant optimism in science, her devotion and dedication to work, her patience in mentoring, her determination in helping us to reach our potential, and her generosity in raising us up to higher levels. It was in this encouraging and stimulating environment that we began to develop independence and confidence in our ability to do research and contribute in any other field.

Liliana Elizabeth Garcia-Valencia – I’m grateful for all the knowledge Alice imparted to me. She is an example and role model for young scientists like me. By example she taught me that hard work always pays off. I’m happy, grateful, and honored to have shared time with a teacher like Alice.

Li Guo – I had the chance and honor to work with Alice on a couple of research projects when I worked at UMass Amherst. I was inspired by her enthusiasm and perseverance in scientific research, and I was touched by her patience with students and postdocs. She is truly a pioneer in the plant science research community.

Qingyuan Li – I sincerely appreciate Alice for giving me the opportunity to be a visiting scholar in her lab. Alice shared her scientific research experience with me without reservation and taught me to do experiments hand in hand. It was in this encouraging and stimulating environment, I began to develop independence and confidence in my ability to do research, or contribute in any my field.

Guang-Yuh Jauh – Professor Alice Y. Cheung is well recognized for her commitment to scientific excellence, and her exuberant passion for science. She is also dedicated to mentoring and helping young scientists to explore their potential to develop their confidence and be independent in academic research. Besides providing education and research training to many young people in the plant science community, Alice also makes a great contribution and exhibits leadership roles in ASPB. Her dedication has been recognized and appreciated as a distinguished professor, recipient of the American Society of Plant Biologists Lawrence Bogorad Award for Excellence in Plant Biology Research, and Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, etc. I have no reservation in supporting Professor Alice Y. Cheung as a Pioneer of ASPB.

Ling Min – I appreciate Alice for giving me the opportunity to be a visiting scholar in her lab. Alice shared her scientific research experience with me without reservation and taught me to do experiments hand in hand. I deeply felt her passion and dedication in scientific research, her support and help for young scientists. She is the guiding light on my scientific research road. Thanks.

Candida Nibau – Alice was my PhD supervisor from 2000-2005. In her laboratory I had the chance to learn a multitude of techniques and work with different plant model systems, which has been instrumental during my career. While in her laboratory, I learned not only to be a skilled researcher and a confident speaker, but also to always challenge myself to do the best I could. Alice’s approach to research has always been curiosity driven and her enthusiasm and commitment is unparalleled. She is a leader in the field of sexual plant reproduction and she has made important contributions to many other aspects of plant science.

Huairong Pan – Alice is a successful scientist and a true pioneer by even the highest standard. Although I did not have the privilege of working in her lab, I truly believe she really made a difference in plant science research through her ground breaking discoveries. More importantly, she turns people working with her into better scientists by being a respectable role model. To say the least, she has changed the career path of many young scientists, and she has lifted up the reputation and recognition of plant science at UMass Amherst.

Shuang Wu – I started my scientific career as a rotation student in Alice’s lab. After almost 20 years I still clearly remember many questions Alice asked to inspire my thoughts and ideas. She is a devoted scientist who has profound insight into plant cell biology. She made pioneering contributions to our understanding of plant reproduction and plant signaing pathways. She is also a great mentor and friend who was always glad to help in later stages of my career. There are many students and postdocs who became indendent PIs after training is Alice’s lab. I’m most grateful for her mentorship and friendship.

Shengbao Xu – A good guider and pioneer in scientific world.