Testimonials for Pioneer Member Elizabeth Vierling

Carol Bender – Elizabeth Vierling is an incredible scientist, mentor, and friend. As the director of an undergraduate research program in the life sciences, I always knew that any student I placed in her research group would receive great care, attention, and rigorous training, in the most supportive way. She is generous with her knowledge and has made enormous contributions to the field of plant sciences as well as to advancing the education of the next generation of scientists!

Qiang Chen – I was Elizabeth’s very first graduate student, and I learned a lot from her. I think my graduate students benefit from the advice she gave me.

Carol Dieckmann – Elizabeth was my friend and colleague at The University of Arizona. She is definitely a Pioneer in the world of plants, chloroplasts, and chaperone function.

Teri Suzuki – I was extremely fortunate to have Elizabeth Vierling as a Ph.D. advisor. Dr. Vierling carefully mentors her undergraduate students, post-doctoral scientists, and perhaps most of all, her graduate students. In addition to the procedures of experimental biology, she seeks to convey the strategic thinking of science at levels appropriate for each individual. With her characteristic lack of ostentation, she looks after her students as people, often without their awareness. Although I graduated from her lab many years ago, Dr. Vierling’s personal and scientific integrity still make her a role model for me. I am pleased to be able to endorse her recogntion as an ASPB Pioneer.