The ASPB Innovation Prize for Agricultural Technology

This prize was inaugurated in 2015 to recognize the outstanding work of industry scientists in companies of all sizes who translate discovery research into real-world outcomes that benefit agriculture. The award additionally acts as a vehicle to increase the awareness of the highest quality science performed by industry scientists, whether or not they are members of the society upon nomination, and showcases the opportunities and rewards of this career path. The Innovation Prize, which is made biennially, is a monetary award that also provides a one-year membership in the Society.

2021 Winner: Carla Yerkes

The 2021 ASPB Innovation Prize for Agricultural Technology is awarded to Dr Carla Yerkes for her extensive and impactful scientific contributions that have translated to agricultural solutions that benefit farmers.  We also recognize her outreach efforts as a science ambassador inspiring new generations of scientists. Carla’s contributions are extensive spanning the discovery, development and launch of new chemical and biotechnology -based weed control systems. The results are solutions used by farmers around the world like the Arylpicolinate auxin herbicide family and the Enlist Weed control system. The American Society of Plant Biologist celebrates and congratulates Carla for her many contributions to the plant biology community.

Cathie Martin (2020-2026), chair
Carla Yerkes (2022-2023), past winner
Brent Brower-Toland (2023-2026)
Federico Martin (2023-2028)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison