The ASPB Innovation Prize for Agricultural Technology

This prize was inaugurated in 2015 to recognize the outstanding work of industry scientists in companies of all sizes who translate discovery research into real-world outcomes that benefit agriculture. The award additionally acts as a vehicle to increase the awareness of the highest quality science performed by industry scientists, whether or not they are members of the society upon nomination, and showcases the opportunities and rewards of this career path. The Innovation Prize, which is made biennially, is a monetary award that also provides a one-year membership in the Society.

2019 Winner: David Mackill

The 2019 the ASPB Innovation Prize for Agricultural Technology is awarded to David J. Mackill (University of California, Davis and Mars, Inc.) for his leadership in the breeding of submergence resilient rice and its distribution to millions of farmers in Asia. At the International Rice Research Institute and the USDA in Davis, Dave identified the SUBMERGENCE1 (SUB1) locus that led through collaboration to recognition of SUB1A as the submergence tolerance determinant and knowledge of its function. He developed a molecular breeding strategy using farmer-preferred varieties that accelerated the acceptance of Sub1 rice and other improved varietals by governments and farmers.

Rodrigo Sarria (2018-2022), chair
David Mackill (2020-2021), past winner
David Fischoff (2018-2022)
Cathie Martin (2020-2026)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison