The ASPB Innovation Prize for Agricultural Technology

This prize was inaugurated in 2015 to recognize the outstanding work of industry scientists in companies of all sizes who translate discovery research into real-world outcomes that benefit agriculture. The award additionally acts as a vehicle to increase the awareness of the highest quality science performed by industry scientists, whether or not they are members of the society upon nomination, and showcases the opportunities and rewards of this career path. The Innovation Prize, which is made biennially, is a monetary award that also provides a one-year membership in the Society.

2017 Winners

The second ASPB Innovation Prize for Agricultural Technology is awarded jointly to Luca Comai, University of California, Davis, David Stalker, RMIT University, Georges Freyssinet, Rick DeRose, Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC, Ganesh Kishore, Spruce Capital Partners LLC and Stephen R. Padgette, Paine Schwartz Partners. Their discoveries about the molecular basis for glyphosate-tolerant mutations in EPSP synthase, and their leadership of pioneering research and development teams, led to the development of glyphosate-tolerant crops. The herbicide-tolerant crops that resulted from their work, and subsequent generations of improved varieties, have had a major impact on crop production, have reduced the use of less environmentally benign herbicides, and have facilitated the adoption of no-till and minimum tillage practices that have been important in limiting soil erosion. Their work changed the paradigm for herbicide discovery by eliminating the need to identify compounds that killed weeds but not crops.

Luca Comai
University of California, Davis

Rick DeRose
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC

George Freyssinet

Ganesh Kishore
Spruce Capital Partners LLC

Stephen Padgette
Paine Schwartz Partners

David Stalker
RMIT University


Chris Somerville (2014-four award cycles), chair
David Fischoff (2018-two award cycles)
Toni Kutchan (2014-three award cycles)
Jane Langsdale (2014-three award cycles)
Rodrigo Sarria (2018-two award cycles)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liason

Nominations & Deadlines

The ASPB Innovation Prize for Agricultural Technology will be offered again in 2019. Please check the nominations page in January 2019 to make a nomination.

Past Winners

Sherri Brown
David Fischhoff
Fred Perlak
Mike Koziel