Charles F. Kettering Award

This award was established by an endowment from the Kettering Foundation in 1962 to recognize excellence in the field of photosynthesis. It is a monetary award to be given in even-numbered years to an individual for meritorious work in photosynthesis. ASPB membership is not required.

David Kramer

2016 Winner: David Kramer

David Kramer (Michigan State University) pioneered our understanding of how the biochemical/biophysical machinery of photosynthesis works, individually and together as a network, to define the “energy strategy” of the plant, balancing the needs for efficient photosynthesis and avoidance of photodamage. To accomplish this, David developed a large and varied “toolbox” of non-invasive instruments and spectroscopic approaches that allow him and others to probe these reactions in vivo, under natural photosynthetic conditions. David’s group has developed a series of instruments and techniques that allow observations in real time of key reactions in the electron and proton circuits of photosynthesis.


Don Ort, Chair (2015-2020)
David Kramer, Past Winner (2017-2018)
Andreas Weber (2015-2020)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison

Nominations & Deadlines

The Charles F. Kettering Award will be offered again in 2018. Please check the nominations page in January 2018 to make a nomination.

Past Winners
2016 David Kramer

2014 Susanne von Caemmerer

2012 Stephen Long

2010 Sabeeha Merchant

2008 Robert Blankenship

2006 Donald Ort

2004 Richard Malkin

2002 Gerald E. Edwards

2000 *Gerald T. Babcock

1998 Bob B. Buchanan

1996 William A. Cramer

1994 Richard E. McCarty

1992 Antony Crofts

1990 *George M. Cheniae

1988 *Norman E. Good

1986 William L. Ogren

1984 *Daniel I. Arnon

1980 *Hugo Kortschak,

M. D. Hatch, C. R. Slack

1978 André T. Jagendorf

1976 Horst Tobias Witt

1974 *Jack Edgar Myers

1972 *Bessel Kok

1970 Pierre Joliot

1968 Martin D. Kamen

1967 *Eugene I. Rabinowitch

1966 *Cornelis B. van Niel

1965 *Hans Gaffron

1964 L.N.M. Duysens

1963 William A. Arnold

1962 *Robert Hill