Charles F. Kettering Award

This award was established by an endowment from the Kettering Foundation in 1962 to recognize excellence in the field of photosynthesis. It is a monetary award to be given in even-numbered years to an individual for meritorious work in photosynthesis. ASPB membership is not required.

2022 Winner: Christine H. Foyer

Christine H. Foyer, professor of plant sciences at the University of Birmingham, is recognized as the 2022 Charles F. Kettering awardee for her numerous contributions to fundamental research on plant redox metabolism associated with photosynthesis in cereals and legumes. Christine’s early studies led to the discovery and description of the “Foyer-Halliwell-Asada” (ascorbate-glutathione) cycle, which describes the mechanism for the removal of hydrogen peroxide in chloroplasts. She subsequently demonstrated the importance of ascorbate and glutathione as regulators of hydrogen peroxide, a retrograde signaling molecule that transmits information from chloroplasts to nuclei. Her studies also showed how redox metabolism associated with photosynthesis and respiration regulates plant responses to numerous plant stressors. Finally, Christine has sought to leverage her findings into the development of crop plants exhibiting improved stress tolerance and yield.

David Somers, Chair (2021-2026)
Christine F. Foyer, Past Winner (2023-2024)
Jennifer Fletcher (2021-2026)
Thomas Sharkey (2021-2026)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison