Lawrence Bogorad Award for Excellence in Plant Biology Research

The ASPB Lawrence Bogorad Award for Excellence in Plant Biology Research was approved by the Society’s executive committee in 2005 to honor Dr. Bogorad’s many contributions to plant biology, including his influential efforts to bring the techniques of molecular biology to bear on problems in plant biology; his groundbreaking research on chloroplast genetics, biogenesis, structure, and function; and his inspired teaching and mentoring. The ASPB Lawrence Bogorad Award for Excellence in Plant Biology Research is a monetary award made biennially to a plant scientist whose work both illuminates the present and suggests paths to enlighten the future.

2022 Winner: Manajit Hayer-Hartl

Manajit Hayer-Hartl is recognized for her many breakthrough discoveries in Rubisco biogenesis. Manajit’s group has developed in vitro and in vivo systems to produce active Rubisco and probe the molecular activity of this vitally important but slow and error-prone enzyme. Her group recently solved the mystery of how Rubisco activase maintains activity, and they discovered a dual function for cyanobacterial activase in metabolic repair and in organization of the carboxysome. In parallel studies, Manajit’s group discovered a scaffolding protein that induces Rubisco phase separation into a liquid-like matrix that may enhance Rubisco dynamics. These major discoveries enable the monitoring of assembly, catalysis, and reactivation of metabolite-inhibited Rubisco, both in vitro and in vivo. They also open new doors for biotechnological improvements in primary productivity, and thus the quality of life on Earth. Manajit is also recognized for outstanding mentorship, with her trainees winning awards and gaining faculty positions at leading institutions around the globe.


David Jackson, Chair (2021-2026)
Manajit Hayer-Hartl, Past Winner (2023-2024)
Eva-Mari Aro (2019-2024)
Justin Walley (2021-2026)

Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison