Charles Reid Barnes Life Membership Award

This is the oldest award, established in 1925 at the first annual meeting of the Society through the generosity of Dr. Charles A. Shull. It honors Dr. Charles Reid Barnes, the first professor of plant physiology at the University of Chicago. It is an annual award for meritorious work in plant biology; it provides a life membership in the Society to an individual who is at least sixty years old. Membership is not a requirement for the award, and, if appropriate, every fifth award should be made to an outstanding plant biologist from outside the United States.

2017 Winner: Susanne von Caemmerer

Susanne von Caemmerer’s (Australian National University) research and service contributions richly justify her receipt of the Charles Reid Barnes Life Membership Award. A member of ASPB for more than 30 years, Susanne has made distinguished contributions to the field of photosynthesis and to the Society. of particular note is her ability to simplify the complex biochemistry of photosynthesis into powerful equations that can predict photosynthetic properties of systems ranging from single chloroplasts to plant communities.  Susanne has been recognized internationally; it is timely that ASPB also acknowledges her many contributions.


Bill Lucas, Chair (2016-2019)
Susan Von Caemmerer, Past Winner (2017-2018)
Karen Koch (2016-2019)
Dean DellaPenna (2017-2020)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison

Nominations & Deadlines

The Charles Reid Barnes Life Membership Award will be offered again in 2018. Please check the nominations page  in January 2018 to make a nomination.

Past Winners
2016 Karen Koch

2015 Wendy Boss

2014 Jim Siedow

2013 Robert Turgeon

2012 Andrew Hanson

2011 Peter K. Hepler

2010 J. Derek Bewley

2009 Thomas J. Guilfoyle and Gretchen Hagen

2008 Tsuneyoshi Kuroiwa

2007 John S. Boyer

2006 Doug Randall

2005 Charles Allen West

2004 Joe H. Cherry

2003 Harry Y. Yamamoto

2002 Russell L. Jones

2001 Olle Björkman

2000 Joe Key

1999 *Harry Beevers

1998 William Paul Jacobs

1997 James H. M. Henderson

1996 Helen Stafford

1995 Jack Dainty

1994 *A. Carl Leopold

1993 Frank A. Loewus

1992 *Paul K. Stumpf

1991 Eric E. Conn

1990 *Frederick T. Addicott

1989 Andre T. Jagendorf

1988 John (Jake) MacMillan

1987 *Bernard O. Phinney

1986 Emanuel Epstein

1985 Harold J. Evans

1984 *Martin Gibbs

1983 Erasmo Marré

1982 *Daniel I. Arnon

1981 *Aubrey Naylor

1980 *John B. Hanson

1979 *Samuel G. Wildman

1978 *Philip F. Wareing

1977 *Robert H. Burris

1976 *Anton Lang

1975 *William Archibald Arnold

1974 *Jack Edgar Myers

1973 *Erwin Bunning

1972 *Johannes van Overbeek

1971 *Charles Stacy French

1970 *Folke Karl Skoog

1969 *Sterling Brown Hendricks

1968 *Kurt Mothes

1967 *Paul J. Kramer

1966 *Kenneth Vivian Thimann

1965 *Frits Warmolt Went

1964 *William Z. Hassid

1963 *Meirion Thomas

1962 *Alden S. Crafts

1961 *Frank P. Cullinan

1960 *Harry A. Borthwick

1959 *Felix G. Gustafson

1958 *P. Boysen-Jensen

1957 *Walter Earl Loomis

1956 *Hubert Bradford Vickery

1955 *Walter F. Loehwing

1954 *Andrew E. Murneek

1953 *Henrik Lundegardh

1952 *Cornelis B. van Niel

1951 *William H. Chandler

1950 *John Wesley Shive

1949 *Ezra Kraus

1948 *Henry H. Dixon

1947 *Wrightman W. Garner

*Harry Ardell Allard

1946 *Edwin C. Miller

1945 *Dennis Robert Hoagland

1944 *George W. Scarth

1943 *Nicolai G. Cholodny

*Walter Thomas

1942 *Olenus Lee Sponsler

1941 *Benjamin Minge Duggar

1940 *William Francis Ganong

1939 *Winthrop J. V. Osterhout

1938 *Ludwig Jost

1937 *Homer Leroy Shantz

*Alexander P. Anderson

1936 *Daniel T. MacDougal

1935 *Frank Marion Andrews

1934 *Frederick F. Blackman

1933 *James Bertram Overton

1932 *Charles Frederick Hottes

1931 *Charles Orvill Appleman

1930 *Rodney Howard True

1929 *Charles Albert Shull

*George J. Peirce

1928 *Herman A. Spoehr

1927 *Francis E. Lloyd

1926 *Burton E. Livingston