Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award

First awarded in 2022, the ASPB-Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award is a biennial award. The award honors an ASPB member with a strong record of increasing diversity and inclusiveness in the broad area of plant biology. The awardee has made a significant impact in mentoring, supporting, and/or advocating for the careers in plant sciences of individuals belonging to underrepresented communities. The individual may have made a significant impact in outreach and service to underrepresented communities and serves as a role model. The awardee will receive a cash award and be invited to give a plenary lecture at the next annual meeting. A travel allowance will also be provided for travel and meeting registration in the year of the plenary lecture.

2024 Winner: Beronda Montgomery

Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa

Dr. Beronda Montgomery is Professor of Biology, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, and Dean at Grinnell College. She earned her PhD at the University of California, Davis, which was followed by a postdoc at Indiana University, Bloomington. Her research program centers on the molecular mechanisms by which photosynthesizing organisms adapt to different light conditions. Beronda’s work has included efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sciences and broader academia for many years. She has long worked on such efforts in the plant biology community. Beronda has been the recipient of several awards in DEI at different levels of higher education, and she has been a leader of such efforts within scientific societies. Beronda is also widely known and respected for her efforts in mentorship and science communication. Throughout her career, Beronda has been an example of advocacy for inclusive and just practices for the support of scientists of all identities.

Cris Argueso, Chair (2021-2026)
Thelma Madzima, past winner (2023-2024)
Adam Steinbrenner (2021-2024)
Sophia Stone (2021-2026)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison