ASPB Leadership in Science Public Service Award

The ASPB Public Affairs Committee awards the ASPB Leadership in Science Public Service Award annually to recognize individuals who have advanced the mission of ASPB and its members through significant contributions to plant science and public policy leadership. Awardees generally have made contributions to the broader society that are relevant to the work of plant biologists; recipients need not be plant scientists themselves.

The ASPB Leadership in Science Public Service Award recipient is invited to address the Society during the annual meeting held in the year of their award.

Photo: Michael Owen Thomas for Illinois Public Media.

2017 Winner: Kevin Folta

Kevin Folta is a professor and chair of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida. His laboratory examines how plants sense light signals and how different parts of the light spectrum can affect shelf life and high-value fruit and vegetable traits. His group also uses novel genomics approaches to identify genes related to flavor and disease resistance.


Science Policy Committee Members

Patrick S. Schnable, Chair (2008-2016)
Julian Schroeder, Immediate Past-President (2013-2016)
Dean DellaPena (2012-2016)
Daniel Peterson (2013-2017)
Nathan Springer (2013-2017)
Ruby O’lexy, Early Career Rep (2015-2017)
Harry Klee (2014-2018)
Jose Dinneny (2014-2018)
Jim Carrington (2015-2019)
Neal Stewart (2015-2019)
Tyrone Spady, Staff Liaison

Nominations & Deadlines

There is no formal nominations processs for this award.  If you would like to recommend someone for this award, please contact Tyrone Spady.

Past Winners

2016 – Howard Buffett
2015 – The Honorable Amy J. Klobuchar
2014 – Nathaniel Johnson
2013 – Bob Zeigler
2012 – Peter Raven 
2011 – Deborah Delmer 
2010 – Nina Fedoroff
2009 – William H. Danforth II
2008 – Luis Herrera-Estrella
2007 – James Collins
2006 – Mary Clutter
2005 – Richard Jefferson
2004 – Charles J. Arntzen
2003 – Dennis Gonslaves
2002 – Norman Borlaug
2001 – Ingo Potrykus
2000 – Gordon Conway
1999 – Rita Colwell
1998 – Christopher(Kit) Bond