ASPB Leadership in Science Public Service Award

The ASPB Public Affairs Committee awards the ASPB Leadership in Science Public Service Award annually to recognize individuals who have advanced the mission of ASPB and its members through significant contributions to plant science and public policy leadership. Awardees generally have made contributions to the broader society that are relevant to the work of plant biologists; recipients need not be plant scientists themselves.

The ASPB Leadership in Science Public Service Award recipient is invited to address the Society during the annual meeting held in the year of their award.

2019 Winner: Pamela C. Ronald

Pamela Ronald is the Distinguished Professor in the department of plant pathology and the Genome Center at the University of California, Davis.  She also is the founding director of the UC Davis Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy. Pam is recognized for her tremendous contributions to the national and international dialogue on agricultural production and plant science.

Science Policy Committee Members

Nathan Springer (2017-2020), chair
Harry Klee, Immediate Past-President (2016-2019)
Shandrea Stallworth, Early Career Rep (2017-2019)
Jeffrey Chen (2017-2021)
Scott Jackson (2018-2022)
Carolyn Lawrence-Dill (2018-2022)
Jim Carrington (2015-2019)
Neal Stewart (2015-2019)
Tyrone Spady, Staff Liaison