Stephen Hales Prize

This award honors the Reverend Stephen Hales for his pioneering work in plant biology published in his 1727 book Vegetable Staticks. It is a monetary award established in 1927 for a scientist, an ASPB member, who has served the science of plant biology in some noteworthy manner. The award is made annually. The recipient of the award is invited to address the Society on a subject in plant biology at the next annual meeting.

2020 Winner: Julian Schroeder

Julian Schroeder is the Torrey Mesa Research Institute Chair in Plant Science (aka Novartis) and distinguished professor in the Division of Biology at UC San Diego. Julian has made successive fundamental discoveries in plant biology and has mentored generations of younger scientists, many of whom are themselves now leaders in their fields. Julian has served the plant biology community extensively throughout his career, including as president of ASPB. Julian’s outstanding science and service to the plant science community make him a worthy recipient of the Stephan Hales Prize. Julian is a leader in plant electrophysiology and was one of the pioneers of patch clamping in plants, allowing detailed characterization of the function and regulation of ion channels in plant cells, which revolutionized the understanding of the processes by which stomata open and close. His work has provided major insights into the signaling pathways by which abscisic acid and carbon dioxide close stomata, the role of calcium signals in stomatal signaling, and the molecular bases for mineral uptake and metal toxicity.

Rebecca Boston , Chair (2019-2023)
Julian Schroeder, Past Winner (2020-2021)
Alice Cheung (2019-2022)
Steve Briggs (2020-2023)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison