Stephen Hales Prize

This award honors the Reverend Stephen Hales for his pioneering work in plant biology published in his 1727 book Vegetable Staticks. It is a monetary award established in 1927 for a scientist, an ASPB member, who has served the science of plant biology in some noteworthy manner. The award is made annually. The recipient of the award is invited to address the Society on a subject in plant biology at the next annual meeting.

2019 Winner: Richard Vierstra

Richard Vierstra is an exceptional scientist who has a career of achievement and service to the plant biology community. Richard is the George and Charmaine Mallinckrodt Professor in the Department of Biology at Washington University. He has made seminal and sustained contributions to two major areas of biology: the role of protein degradation by the ubiquitin-proteasome system in plant signaling, and the structure, function and evolution of the phytochrome family of red light photoreceptors. His work has contributed significantly to the broadening recognition of the preeminent role played by regulated protein degradation in a diverse spectrum of cell signaling pathways, including multiple hormones, stress and light. Professor Vierstra has made outstanding contributions to the plant science community through his many activities in the ASPB and internationally by being a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for the International Society of Plant Molecular Biology. Professor Richard Vierstra’s innovative research and outstanding service make him a worthy recipient of the Stephen Hales Prize.

Alex Webb , Chair (2016-2020)
Rick Vierstra, Past Winner (2019-2020)
Rebecca Boston (2019-2022)
Alice Cheung (2019-2022)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison