Dennis R. Hoagland Award

This monetary award, established by the Society in 1985 with funds provided by the Monsanto Agricultural Products Company, honors Dr. Dennis R. Hoagland, recipient of the first Hales award, for his outstanding contributions and leadership in plant mineral nutrition. The award, to be made not more frequently than triennially, is for outstanding plant research in support of agriculture.

2021 Winner: Patrick H. Brown

Patrick Brown has made seminal contributions to our understanding of plant mineral nutrition and has been a leader in the successful application of fundamental research to improve agriculture. He demonstrated that Nickel is an essential element for plants and led pioneering discoveries in the metabolism and transport of Boron. Patrick is also a leader in orchard nutrition management and sustainability, foliar fertilization, and biostimulants, all with significant global impact. His leadership in basic and applied plant biology across a range of scales and disciplinary boundaries is truly exceptional and is well deserving of the Dennis R Hoagland award.

Mary Lou Guerinot, Chair (2014-2021)
Jonathan Lynch, Past Winner (2020-2021)
Katayoon (Katie) Dehesh (2017-2021)
Eduardo Blumwald (2017-2024)
Gloria K. Muday (2017-2024)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison