Excellence in Education Award

This award was initiated in 1988 to recognize outstanding teaching, mentoring, and/or educational outreach in plant biology. It is a monetary award to be made annually in recognition of excellence in teaching, leadership in curricular development, or authorship of effective teaching materials in the science of plant biology.

2017 Winner: Sarah Wyatt

Sarah Wyatt (Ohio University) is recognized for her remarkable contributions over several decades to plant biology education at the K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels. Sarah has developed a wide array of innovative biology course projects that inform and excite students from freshmen to Ph.D. candidates. Sarah has exceled at student mentoring through research that she has supported with her own federally funded grants. She has established and run science education workshops, impacting thousands of under-represented students and their teachers. Overall, Sarah has demonstrated a career-long commitment to education of both students and the community through curriculum development, classroom instruction, and public outreach.


MariaElena Zavala, Chair (2016-2019)
Sarah Wyatt, Past Winner (2017-2018)
Becca Dickstein (2015-2018)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison

Nomination & Deadlines

The Excellence in Education Award will be offered again in 2018. Please check the nominations page in January 2018 to make a nomination.

Past Winners

2016 – Candace Galen
2015 – Stan Roux
2014 – Brent Buckner
2013 – Erin Dolan
2012 – Peggy Lemaux
2011 – Mary Williams
2010 – Jane Ellis
2007 – Roger Hangarter
2004 – Susan Singer
2001 – Jon Monroe
1998 – Carol Reiss
1995 – Carl S. Pike
1991 – Paul H. Williams