Excellence in Education Award

This award was initiated in 1988 to recognize outstanding teaching, mentoring, and/or educational outreach in plant biology. It is a monetary award to be made annually in recognition of excellence in teaching, leadership in curricular development, or authorship of effective teaching materials in the science of plant biology.

2021 Winner: Rupesh Kariyat

This year’s Excellence in Education Award winner is Rupesh Kariyat. Rupesh has an outstanding record of excellence in teaching, mentoring, and educational outreach. Since joining the faculty in 2017, Rupesh has excelled in the classroom, evidenced in part by one class that underwent a 7-fold increase in student enrollment. Rupesh mentored and graduated many graduate, undergraduate, and high-school students, including first-generation students, and published 15 research articles with students as the first or second author. Rupesh’s outreach include being PI on a USDA “Research and Extension Experiential Learning for Undergraduate” grant and an ASPB “Plant Bloome” grant, for research and training of college students and schoolteachers. Rupesh is also a co-PI on a USDA “Conservation Innovation Grants On-Farm Trials” grant to educate, train, and support farmers in locally effective cropping strategies. In addition, Rupesh has published teaching and outreach articles in Natural Sciences Education.

Yan Lu, Chair (2018-2023)
Rupesh Kariyat, Past Winner (2021-2022)
Karen Hicks (2019-2022)
Marta Laskowski (2020-2023)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison