The Charles Albert Shull Award

This award was initiated in 1971 by the Society to honor Dr. Charles A. Shull, whose personal interest and support were largely responsible for the founding and early growth of the Society. It is a monetary award made annually for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology by a member who is generally under forty-five years of age on January 1st of the year of presentation, or is fewer than ten years from the granting of the doctoral degree. Breaks in careers will be considered when addressing the age limit of this award. The recipient is invited to address the Society at the annual meeting the following year.

2019 Winner: Siobhan Brady

Siobhan Brady (Associate Professor in the Department of Plant Biology and Genome Center at the University of California, Davis) is the 2019 recipient of the Charles Albert Shull Award. Siobhan is a leader in using systems biology to understand the gene regulatory networks that control plant root development and function. She pioneered research on cell type-specific gene expression profiling in roots, and she has integrated cutting-edge experimental and computational approaches to define the transcriptional regulatory networks involved in root vascular development and nitrogen metabolism. In addition to her ground-breaking research, Siobhan has been recognized as an outstanding advisor and mentor to students at UC Davis, and she has provided generous service to the wider plant biology community, and ASPB specifically.


Kris Niyogi, Chair (2018-2021)
Libo Shan (2019-2022)
Patricia Bedinger (2017-2020)
Siobhan Brady, Past Winner (2019-2020)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison

Nominations & Deadlines

The Charles Albert Shull Award will be offered again in 2020. Please check the nominations page in January 2020 to make a nomination.

Past Winners

2018 – Nathan Springer – for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology

2017 – Blake Meyers – for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology

2016 – Jiří Friml – for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology

2015 – Cyril Zipfel – for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology

2014 – Libo Shan – for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology

2013 – Harvey Millar – for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology

2012 – Elizabeth Ainsworth – for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology

2011 – Sean Cutler – for his professional activities and his globally known, pioneering and seminal research

2010 – Dominique Bergmann – for her identification of a transcriptional network and its emerging connections to upstream signaling and making stomatal differentiation the most completely understood model for cellular differentiation in plant biology

2009 – Steven E. Jacobsen – for his pioneering research in critical areas of plant genetics, development, cell biology, and biochemistry

2008 – Sheng Luan– for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology

2007 – Samuel C. Zeeman – for pioneering research leading to the discovery of new proteins and pathways in starch synthesis and degradation in leaves

2006 – Xuemei Chen – for her pioneering research in the genetic analysis of developmental mechanisms in plants with an emphasis on the roles of RNA-based gene regulation

2005 – Krishna Niyogi – for his pioneering research in the areas of photosynthesis

2003 – Jian-Kang Zhu – for his work in the identification of key genes for modifying the responses of crops to environmental stresses

2001 Detlef Weigel in recognition of his seminal contributions to one of the most challenging problems in developmental biology: the induction of floral development

1999 Sabeeha Merchant for her research on the role of metals in regulating the biosynthesis and assembly of metalloproteins in photosynthetic eukaryotes

1997 Julian I. Schroeder for his original and innovative research on plant ion channels, guard cell signal transduction, and mineral uptake

1995 Joanne Chory for her highly original innovative research that has started to reveal the molecular architecture of the signal pathways between light perception and downstream photomorphogenic responses such as gene activation, leaf development, and growth control

1993 Ilya Raskin for innovative research that ties plant responses to underlying biochemical and physical processes

1991 Daniel Cosgrove for his incisive work on the biophysics of plant cell enlargement

1989 Sharon R. Long for her pioneering research in plant-microbe interactions

1987 Christopher R. Somerville for his innovative applications of mutant analysis of an angiosperm to the elucidation of metabolic pathways

1985 Robert T. Giaquinta for his incisive investigations of photosynthate translocation in phloem tissues

1983 Brian A. Larkins for his pioneering studies of the molecular genetics of higher plants

1981 Lee H. Pratt for outstanding innovative research which advanced our knowledge and understanding of phytochrome physiology, biochemistry, and biophysics

1979 Charles J. Arntzen for investigations of the development of chloroplasts and the structure and function of their membranes

1977 John S. Boyer for outstanding contributions in the field of water relations

1975 Thomas Kent Hodges for an outstanding contribution to the field of active ion uptake by plants

1973 Peter Albersheim for outstanding contributions to our understanding of the chemical structure and physiology of plant cell walls

1971 Peter Martin Ray for his contributions to our understanding of the auxin control of cell wall synthesis and cell extension