The Charles Albert Shull Award

This award was initiated in 1971 by the Society to honor Dr. Charles A. Shull, whose personal interest and support were largely responsible for the founding and early growth of the Society. It is a monetary award made annually for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology by a member who is generally under forty-five years of age on January 1st of the year of presentation, or is fewer than ten years from the granting of the doctoral degree. Breaks in careers will be considered when addressing the age limit of this award. The recipient is invited to address the Society at the annual meeting the following year.

2023 Winner: José Dinneny

José Dinneny, a professor of biology at Stanford University, is the 2023 Charles Albert Shull award recipient.  José’s work at the interface of molecular genetics and plant physiology has uncovered important mechanisms by which plants grow and thrive in challenging environments.  José is also recognized for his efforts in communicating with the public and elected officials about agricultural and biotechnology issues and for his efforts in mentorship and in making plant biology more inclusive.

Dominique Bergman, Chair (2021-2024)
Jose Dinneny, Past Winner (2023-2024)
Aaron Rashotte (2023-2026)
Aaron Wyman (2023-2026)
Sylvia Lee, Staff Liaison